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Websearch.soft-quick.info Description

Websearch.soft-quick.info is a misleading search engine website, which pretends to be a real and legitimate search tool, but, in reality, it has no capability of providing Internet users with safe and reliable search results. Websearch.soft-quick.info is associated with PC threats such as browser hijackers and rootkits that lead to annoying redirects to unwanted websites including Websearch.soft-quick.info. If your computer and Internet browser have been affected by any of these malware threats, your search results in any search engine will be diverted to Websearch.soft-quick.info and other doubtful websites. These malware infections can make the victimized PC non-responsive by modifying the Windows Registry and downloading malicious system files. Security infections pertaining to Websearch.soft-quick.info may keep track of a victim’s browsing activities and gather confidential information. Malware infections related to Websearch.soft-quick.info could also decrease your PC’s performance and violate your security and privacy. To block disturbing hits to Websearch.soft-quick.info, you need to uninstall all malware infections and delete add-ons related to Websearch.soft-quick.info by using a reputable anti-malware tool.

Websearch.soft-quick.info Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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